SEO, SEM, Website and Marketing Automation

Re-branded a regional nonprofit organization into a national foundation.

Complete overhaul of their website with SEO, Marketing Automation, Forms, Landing Pages and Metrics tracking built into site.

Built a complete back-end Marketing Automation and analytics platform.

Linked the back-end of their website, bulk email campaigns, CRM and social media to optimize reach and ROI.

Developed and responsible for:

  • branding
  • defining the message
  • website design and production
  • fundraising strategy, analytics and development
  • SEM, SEO, PPC and CPA analytics; metrics reports
  • inbound marketing and conversion
  • funnel marketing
  • online content

Built a complete online donation platform and pipeline with a standardized message. The website automatically generates unique visitor IDs and ranking, delivers custom content according to visitor behavior, and through funnel nurturing, converts the visitor into a donor.

Skill Set

We have over 25 years of supporting nonprofit development departments, with the marketing materials and collateral they need to close the gift. From small online donations to major gifts and endowments, donors have a choice–so controlling the message and timing is always important. The implementation of Mac Media’s automation marketing partner’s platform, which until recently was only available at an enterprise level, successfully nurtures the donor through the donor funnel. By identifying old and new markets, and through the creation of many partnerships, we have greatly increased their brand recognition, online community and donations.

Business Development 98%
Nonprofit Fundraising 95%
Digital and Online Marketing 90%
Editorial and Content 83%
Branding 66%
Partnership Development 61%