SaaS, CRM and Custom Full-service Marketing Solutions

Gallery.Marketing and Artstudio.Marketing

For the last 20 years, our team has provided business solutions for the Fine Art World.

Gallery.Marketing and Artstudio.Marketing: comprehensive business solution platforms we developed for galleries and artists. These SaaS (Software As A Service) platforms tie together all the necessary business functions for galleries and artists: Inventory Management, Sales & Marketing, Social Media, Emailing & Texting, Reporting and Analytics. We help them Organize, Execute, Follow Up and Automate.

Gallery.Marketing and Artstudio.Marketing, are full-service online marketing solution providers for Galleries and Artists to Educate, Market, and Sell art.

Developed and responsible for:

  • SaaS platform strategy and development
  • interfacing between developer and client
  • UI/UX design and implementation
  • integrating site’s business forms, data collection, reports, and forms
  • setting up all API’s for CRM and marketing automation integration
  • backend inventory database and control system
  • online invoicing, payment, and shipping systems and methodologies
  • social media strategy, analytics, and development
  • training and implementation of the platform

The platforms make it easy to organize, control, communicate and nurture buyers and collectors into satisfied clients.

Skill Set

The marketing, selling and pricing of emerging and mid-career artwork has always been dysfunctional. The gallery system tries to bring some form of standardization to the process, but in a world where nonconformance is the goal, any attempt of structure is doomed to have challenges. The development of this platform was not to change the art world but give the players tried, tested, and proven business tools used by other sectors to achieve similar goals.

The development of these platforms required deep knowledge and understanding of the needs and psyche of the creator, seller and buyer. The front and backend of the platform deliver paths, structure, and solutions from creation to acquisition.

Business Development and Project Management 96%
Vertical Market Understanding and Experience 91%
Programming and Coding 86%
UI/UX (User Interface and User Experience) 86%
Marketing Automation 83%
Analytics, Reporting and Business Protocols 57%